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Mwala Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of eight constituencies in Machakos County. The constituency was established for the 1988 elections and currently has an approximate population of 163,032 thousand people and it is 1,018.00 Area in Sq. Km (Approx.) with six wards. The current Member of Parliament is Hon. Eng. Vincent Musyoka (Aka. Kawaya).
According to the 2009 National Population and Housing Census, as of 2013 Mwala Constituency had a population of 163,047 comprising of 78,946 males 84,086 females 35,593 households and a population density of 160.17 persons per square kilometer compared to the National density of 66 persons per square Kilometer hence making Mwala is a fairly populated Constituency in Kenya. The population is projected to increase to over 250,000 by 2022 with a projected growth rate of 1.1% per annum when this plan comes to an end. This state of affairs is going to put some pressure and constraints to allocated resources because of the demand for more infrastructures in schools, Security agencies and bursary funds along with youth development Programs.

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